Audiobooks represent approximately thirty percent of all books sold. Not having an audiobook can be regarded as not utilizing all the sales options available to you.

William Gensburger narrates books for a variety of authors including JC Ryan (, Robin Melhuish and others.

"I just completed the narration for bestselling author, JC Ryan's The Tenth Cycle, an excellent series of 8 books, and I am now recording the next in the series, The Ninth Cycle: Antarctica."

William Gensburger 

The process is straight forward. You need a professional quality microphone, a relatively sound-muted room, and a decent audio editor. Background sounds, hisses, pops, and breathing sounds, to name a few, must be removed. The finished product is uploaded chapter by chapter, and after Rights Holder approval, must pass the ACX audio team before being released.

You do not have to be an Alt Publish client and we can negotiate either a flat fee or a royalty share for setting your book up as an audiobook. You can even select from a variety of voice auditions that we submit to you, to select the one you prefer. We also handle quality control, audiobook cover and even marketing. 

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