Friday, May 19, 2017

MAY I Share What Is Happening?

MAY has been a busy month, so busy, in fact, that I have not been able to make a post. 

We've started the Advance Reader Copies of Robin Melhuish's historical fiction novel ALL THAT REMAINS which is getting good reviews and I know will be a good seller. You can read a sample by clicking the AUTHOR link above. 



BTW if you have not read Kurt's book A MILLION STEPS you should do so. It has received a lot of acclaim.


RULES OF LIFE, our anthology of short stories and poems is still in production. I had hoped that we would have it released by now, but production of anthologies is harder than a regular novel - lots of pieces to fit together. It is coming and I hope we will have an official release date soon. 


PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST - we are working out the details for our first photography contest. The contest will likel be held in Mid-June, with a cash prize and publication for the winner, 2nd and 3rd place, and possibly more. You don't need to be a pro-photographer, and you can get quality images from your smartphone and an image editor. Here is one photo I took with my iPhone 6. 


Alt Publish is starting to get recognition as a solid company offering a solid service: NO COST | NO RISK. "Such a wonderful thing to be able to contact people like you, with all the bad that's out there." ~ Author quote.

BOOKS 'N PIECES Digital Magazine JUNE 2017 issue is in production next week. If you would like to submit material please use the links above by next Wednesday (May 24) in order to get in. We have two author interviews, one with a prolific writer and another with a multi-faceted writer. Short stories, book review, sample pages, writing tips, and much more. Here is a look at the cover:


As always, thank you for your support. And remember that we do not charge writers and there is no cost and no obligation - we royalty share so if we do not get your book sold, we make nothing. We are not a vanity press. When deciding about working with a small publisher ALWAYS ask for a copy of the contract to look for the hidden costs they put in. 

Happy reading and writing. 


William Gensburger