Sunday, July 9, 2017

HALF 'N HALF is not just for coffee.

Alt Publish is pleased to introduce the Half 'N Half program for our digital books. 

The concept is simple - download and read the first HALF of the book for FREE before deciding if it is worth finishing. You can download a pdf, .Kindle, ePub edition. 

We're so sure you'll want to finish that we are making this offer to you. Even better, our digital book prices are low, lower than a cup of Starbucks! So make the choice today. Try out the Half 'N Half program.

All That Remains by Robin Melhuish

A trail of love, deceit, and corruption, uncovering one of the biggest undetected robberies in history.

“A gripping story that grasps the reader in the first few pages.  Robin has a special gift for guiding his readers through a historically accurate maze.”  -Kurt Koontz, Author, "A Million Steps"


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