Almost ALL publishers operate on the model that you either pay upfront for services (you may or may not need),  or they charge you a setup fee and then royalty share (usually well below 50/50.) These are VANITY PRESS publishers and should be AVOIDED AT ALL COST! 

If you are in doubt whether a company is, CONTACT ME and I will be happy to tell you. 

If you are not being handled by a mainstream publisher (they offer an advance and you pay nothing), you should either publish yourself, or obtain services for specific things (book covers, editing, and so on) then publish yourself, and KEEP ALL the royalties.

Hello, my name is William AndrĂ© Gensburger, and I am an author, among other things.  When I started Alt Publish in 2016, it was as a full-service model where the author incurred no costs, and we royalty-shared 50/50. It was an honest model, however, from a business point of view, most of my time was spent FIXING author's writing, and less on the actual publishing. 

The book I am holding in the photo is one of the books I published for author Robin Melhuish. All That Remains is an excellent book and reached the bestseller status on Kindle top 100. You can check it out >>>HERE <<<

You see, I have had many years of experience with publishing, both here, a publisher of clean books for three years before this, newspaper and magazine publishing for 8 years across two states, blog publishing for 17 years (amassing over 13,000 unique monthly views at the height), graphic design and advertising design for 25 years, and writing (including some screenwriting), editing and proofing for 30 years. I also started narrating audiobooks in 2017 after doing other voice work, including a radio program, dubbing English onto a foreign film, and more.

As a writer I know the pitfalls. I also have had enough experience to RECOGNIZE all the problems that come with story plots and HOW TO FIX THEM! 

And so I have turned the model upside down, thus the updated logo and services I offer. 

While I can still publish authors I deem ready, I am, instead, concentrating on the area that needs help the most - THE STORY. Most authors need story therapy. Stories are usually good but really needing to become great BEFORE they get published

I also strongly encourage SELF-PUBLISHING. There are certain areas in which the athor needs help, such as book cover, ISBN (note: NEVER use a Createspace ISBN unless you wnat to be thought of as an amateur. Also, independent bookstores often avoid those ISBN's due to an antipathy towards Amazon. I'll tell you how to get around it - go to my STORY THERAPIST tab.) 

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