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Alt Publish, unlike most other small publishers, offers writers selected… 


Vanity Press outfits, including many you see advertised on television, CLAIM they will get you published BUT often have a minimum book purchase quantity from you, do not cover edits or proofing, or even cover designs, expecting you to handle that, or else building in charges for those service. Vanity Press publishers also do not care about the quality of your work; unlike honest publishers, Vanity Press makes their money from YOU, playing on your ego or vanity to have a book in hand. 

NEVER use a Vanity Press. Ask us if you are unsure and we will send you what information we have on them. 

Alt Publish does NOT accept all manuscripts. We will only accept a manuscript that WE believe can generate sales. Why? Because the ONLY way we make money from your book is through sales – we royalty share with you, rather than charging you for services. This way WE EARN your royalties

YOU, the writer, have no obligation to pay for any services we offer. 

Together, we fine tune your manuscript, design a cover, secure an ISBN – including the barcode that many others charge for – handle the layout for both print and e-book formats, place the books with varying outlets, supply you with 5 copies for your own use, as well as sending out media copies for book reviews. You even get the digital files, PDF, ePub & Mobi that you can send out to friends and family for reviews, or just keep as backup. 

✒︎✑✒︎✑✒︎ THIS IS HOW WE WORK! ✒︎✑✒︎✑✒︎

The company owner is a published and working writer, William Gensburger, who has had many years experience in all facets of book, newspaper and magazine production, as well as sales and marketing. 

We also work with other publishers to perform various aspects of publishing their books, from cover to print. How long does the whole process take? 

With a mainstream publisher you could be waiting for half a year or more before even hearing back. And, if you are not one of the vast majority rejected, you will be waiting, at least another year before your book sees the light of day. 

Alt Publish doesn’t cut corners – we just do not run large scale publishing with many authors simultaneously. As a result, the largest amount of time is spent on the editing and proofing and marketing of your book. You also experience a personalized interaction so you feel “in the loop” at all times. 

A good rule of thumb is that we will respond to your submission within about two weeks of receiving it. At that time we will send you a detailed critique, our opinion on the strengths and weaknesses, as well as any questions we have that were not answered. We will also let you know whether the book is something we wish to represent at that time, or after a subsequent resubmission, or not at all. 

You should know that we may decline your work for a variety of reasons, including an incompatable style to the type of books we are seeking. We’ll let you know that so you do not feel like you were snubbed. Writing a book is a difficult thing to do. We respect that and promise to treat you as one writer would expect to be treated by another. And, of course, we are not the definitive word on what would be a great book. You are welcome to submit your book afterwards, to any number of other publishers. Just remember our warning about not paying for services upfront. 

Do we offer advances? In general we do not offer an advance since your royalty amount is 50%. That said, there are always exceptions to every rule. Advances are tricky. A mainstream publisher that offers advances could offer one as low as $1000, and until such time as your sales royalties exceed that amount you would never see another penny. That, along with their policy of annual or bi-annual accounting, also means you will be waiting a long time just to find out what your may have sold. For the most part, unless you become the next John Grisham, your advance will be all that you see. And if your book fails to sell enough copies to cover the advance, future book sales may be in jeopardy as well. 

Since Alt Publish is a small publisher, our focus is more squarely placed on getting your book exposed and sold, and showing you how to generate more revenue from your book. As past clients can attest, we like to approach your book from a marketing point of view and use our experience to more rapidly develop your writer’s persona and sales opportunities. 

What rights do you have to give up? You retain all rights to your book, after all, it is YOUR book. Alt Publish will enter into a limited term full exclusivity with you so that we have enough time to generate sales and recoup our costs. We will also try to sell your book to other formats (with your consent and approval) such as Audiobooks and film rights, to name a few. There is no guarantee that we can achieve this, however, during the term of exclusivity, we will explore how far we can increase your sales. Following the exclusivity period, we will ask you if you wish to renew and work with you on further avenues of marketing. 

If you choose not to renew, you will be free to take your material elsewhere (You will need to obtain a new ISBN for the book since an ISBN is branded to a publisher – we suggest not using a generic one like Amazon offers as it makes you look like an amateur.) We will still retain the right to continue to sell your book as before, and you will still receive royalties, however you would be free to sell multiple vendors without conflict. 

What if I only want to hire you to do edits, or cover designs instead of the full representation? Good question. In the case of select work for hire, we can offer a royalty share agreement that offers you a higher percentage of the royalty, or we can charge you a flat rate for the work performed. We generally advise against piecemeal work for the sake of consistency. But, of course, the choice is yours. 

Do you have more questions? We hope you have many questions. You should be certain before getting into publishing. Email us at info@AltPublish.com or use the contact form on the site. We will respond promptly. 

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Please remember that there are no costs, no hidden fees and no required purchase of copies. We EARN our payment through royalty share from sales of your book.It doesn't get any fairer than that.