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I've always been a writer, from the time that I realized the world inside may head offered so many possibilities. Through the years, I have always written, whether as a journalist, advertising writer, teacher, ghost writer, blogger, newspaper and magazine publisher, and much more. 

It seems that I have spent so much time helping other writers write, that I have neglected my own work. But that is changing as I put out short stories, collections, novels and even screenplays, both under my name, or under pen names.

I also record audiobooks for other writers with one currently available, The Tenth Cycle by JC Ryan, and two under production: The Ninth Cycle (sequel to The Tenth Cycle) and All That Remains by Robin Melhuish. 

My writings include the following:

Signs You Not Be An Idiot is a humorous look at life's foibles. The lunacy of everyday life, that we have come to accept as the norm, makes excellent fodder for my book.  One reader wrote: "I find myself in agreement with Mr. Gensburger on practically every topic discussed in this book. His lighthearted approach enables one to be challenged to think without feeling confronted to think. Well done sir." ~ Cliff Hitchcock
Another wrote: "This is a humorous reflection on modern life. On the other hand it is seemingly endlessly grumpy. So this is fantastic if you like that sort of thing!" ~Paul Little

I have two novels coming out in 2017.  Damaged Goods is science fiction thriller that follows Harold Cranston once he steals the money for a new clone body, only to get hunted down as a result. And just when he is about to get killed for it, a surprising twist throws the plot in a whole new direction.  

The other,  Girl With No Name is a mystery following a young woman who returns to the small town she was born in, to avenge her sister's murder. The only problem is that her sister is not dead, but you'll have to read the book to know why.

In addition, a collection of my short stories is nearing completion, and I hope to have that released later this year, as well.  These stories range from short and serious, to complicated and amusing, led by the title story, The Unfinished Man. In this story, we follow the poor schmuck whose job is to clean up after the superheroes – you know, the web slinging fool that leaves his sticky strings everywhere? How'd you think it gets cleaned up? Of the night vigilante with the sharp, metallic weapons that he leaves sticking out of concrete walls. They have to be collected and cleaned and accounted for. What a job! Find out what happens when the anthology is released.

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William Gensburger

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